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Generative 3D / Data Visualisation


A self-initiated project centred on using 3D Printing in a generative way. Sourcing data from Google Searches(Google Trends) I was able to generate 3D models that represent that data with the months going along the X axis, years along the Y axis and search quantities along the Z axis.

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Since I had some spare money I decided to spend it on a 3D Printer as the idea of additive manufacturing had interested me for a while. Although I did not know much at all about 3D design or modelling I thought it would be a great opportunity to force myself to learn. I wanted to do a generative project with my printer as I felt unlike traditional ways of making 3D objects like moulding, carving or woodworking 3D printing had the advantage of being able to print something unique every time, instead of making one master that gets reprinted over and over.

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